Joshua Ostroff

Hello, and thanks for stopping by! Please get in touch with your ideas and opportunities by email, call 508-654-3330, or connect with me through Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

I am honored to help lead the Town of Natick on the Board of Selectmen. Please feel free to reach out on any issue. I always try to answer questions promptly, respond to suggestions or concerns, and provide great service.

I am a problem solver with an interest in real people and real solutions. Here’s some of what I’m working on (when I’m not roasting coffee, smoking bluefish or cheering for the Red Sox and Celtics):

Through my volunteer service on the boards of the Massachusetts Municipal Association, Massachusetts Selectmen's Association and the MetroWest Regional Collaborative, I engage with colleagues from around the state and region to improve our communities, share and adapt good ideas, develop new leaders and work together across boundaries to solve problems and encourage good governance.

I am enthusiastic about mobility, and committed to creating a future where we can get around easily, safely, efficiently and economically, with a light impact on our environment. We must invest in smart, sustainable solutions for public and private transit. Previous generations built a transportation network that created jobs and opportunity. Now it's our turn. Let's get to work!

In Natick I have been leading an effort to make our downtown rail station accessible and integrated with a future rail trail and the MetroWest regional transit authority service; develop a rail trail to connect the town center to our fastest-growing commercial and residential neighborhood; solve traffic bottlenecks, and make it easier to walk around our wonderful town on sidewalks and trails. That’s on top of all the other interesting work of the Selectmen.

We are self-governed. But government must be self-renewing through active and informed citizenship. From childhood and throughout our lives, each of us has a role to play in contributing to public life. As Justice Louis Brandeis wrote, the most important political office is that of the private citizen. The Special Commission on Civic Engagement and Learning, on which I recently served, offered a series of recommendations in its 2012 report to the State Legislature to help address the deficit in civic knowledge, skills and disposition that we see on display in too many public buildings.

Joshua Ostroff

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